Thinking Together: Towards an Understanding of Vilém Flusser and the Photographic

This research project is inspired by the as yet too little read book Towards a Philosophy of Photography by Vilém Flusser. From the beginning of the academic year 2015-2016, we map his attempts at ‘pictorial thinking’, and translate his concepts into a broader field of philosophy of art and visual media. Researchers as well as students are involved in the platform, which brings together through visual research the practices of contemporary photographers and media artists who ‘play against the machine’ in the spirit of Flusser. They are positioning themselves in relation to the impact of technology on our capacities for observation, imagination and representation. We use ‘the photographic’ (as explored by David Campany) as a set of specific references, strategies, techniques and ways of looking in order to transcend the domain of (artistic) photography in the narrow sense of the word.

The results of this intensive research process were communicated to a wider audience via a research blog, a special issue of the FoMu periodical EXTRA, and a symposium organized in FoMu Antwerp in May 2016.

‘Adieu’ (Geert Goiris, PhD project)

Supervisors: Luc Pauwels (University of Antwerp), Johan Pas (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp)

Behind the Fall, framed Lambda print, 80 × 100 cm, 2013

‘Lifestyle Supermarket’ (Charlotte Lybeer, PhD project)

Jes, 2014

‘De hamvraag en het varken’ (Peter Boelens, Bert Danckaert & Bas Teeken)

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